Hey Folks, I've thought of what I would like very much to see in Albion and made a list of my favorite suggestions. Because I am more a PvE-player and thinking of making the big money most of them are economical nature.


I am playing AO since almost half a year and really love it.


I've read the devs are planning to increase the market transparency (possibly by adding some graphs about the average paid price etc). This and the idea of speculating on the goldexchange course to make some profit have let me come to the idea of introducig speculative trading for all those economyfreaks as I am. Since a real stock market would be kind of strange (which should stocks be shared for ?) I thought of binary options. For those who don't know: binary options are as a game of chance. You bet on the course of a valuable object (e.g. the ressources in circulation) whether it will drop or rise and set an amount of money (predefined values e.g. 50,100,150,200,... silver). Depending on how much people are betting atm. there is a rentability of between 50 to 90% if you win. If you lose, all your bet is lost. This market should have to refer to the global (payed!!!) course, otherwise it would be too easy to exploit the system by floating the local market after having set the option.


I think this would exciten the economylife in Albion and is compatible to it because there always is action due to the global server.


I also would like to see a "servicetab" in the AH to make the market especially for mercenaries more accessible. It needn't be a part of the AH it also could be an external object such as a blackboard. Maybe this could be connected to a mercenaryrating to make the offers more credible. After the payment they should be temporary in the customers guild and be removed automatically, maybe there should be introduced a status "mercenary" which is able to fight for a guild but has a stemguild (e.g the mercenaryguild who is offering mercenaries), to refer to this thread. I think this would help small guilds (who might have money) to be more competitive when it comes to territorries and facilitate getting into Albions world of PvP for them.


Those are changes that I would appreciate. Of course they are very subjective but I think giving my suggestions is better than just waiting for what to come. If I can think of even more suggestions I am going to add them in this post.